The AluCharge from Just Mobile Review

Have you ever found yourself with multiple devices all needing to be charged, but only one outlet nearby? I’ve been there, and it’s quite frustrating, especially if all of those devices need to be charged at once. Luckily, for situations like this, Just Mobile has come up with the perfect solution!


The AluCharge is a minimalist charging hub with a total of four USB ports, each with a 2.4A power output. This hub is very slim and only weighs about six ounces. Thanks to this thinness, it can easily be slid into the front pocket of a pair of jeans, or quickly placed in a backpack without adding much bulk. Along with the AluCharge, you will receive a 5ft power cable that plugs into the back side.

IMG_5007 2

The AluCharge is fitted with an aluminum unibody, and high-quality plastic on the front and back ends. If there’s one thing to know about JustMobile, it’s that they deeply care about design and always find an equal balance between form and function in every product they release. This love for design sets them apart from a majority of their competition and results in highly durable and long-lasting products. Of course, there are other USB hubs out there that can charge four devices at once, but there’s not too many that can do it while looking as sleek as the AluCharge.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.44.39 PM

The last and most important feature that sets the AluCharge apart from competition is tucked away under its beautiful aluminum shell. Inside of it is a chip that detects the type of device that’s plugged in and optimizes the power output to best suit that device. This is so it doesn’t overload power to a specific port and damage the battery in the device that’s being charged. The AluCharge also has an auto shutoff that can protect your devices in the event of a power outage. You can basically think of AluCharge as having a mini surge protector built-in.

Final Thoughts:

The AluCharge is without a doubt a handy accessory to have. Its slim design makes it fast and easy to slide in and out of pockets and bags. I find it especially convenient when traveling because it prevents me from having to lug around four separate chargers. The only downside to the AluCharge is that it doesn’t have any way of connecting to other peripherals such as a computer. This would be extremely helpful if it could because it could be used as a charger and would also allow you to add extra ports to a computer. While there are many chargers out there that can do what the AluCharge does at a fraction of the price, I have yet to stumble upon any that have as good of a build quality and internal safety features as the AluCharge.

Click here to purchase Just Mobile’s AluCharge on Amazon for $49.95


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