Keep the Bugs Away (Sponsored)

No one with the right mindset would dream of entering a humid jungle without a protective layer of mosquito repellent. Though not quite as intense as a jungle, when working at your desk, relaxing at home or waiting in line at the coffee shop, your smartphone may be exposed to harmful bugs who want to slurp up your information. Luckily, AVG, the strongest antivirus yet, has an app to defend your phone from malicious content and keep it protected from viruses.

No More Bugs Crawling Around Your Phone

AVG AntiVirus for Android scans your entire phone for pesky viruses and harmful content. Its dual-engine antivirus hunts down bugs in your phone’s files, settings, apps, and games to make sure there aren’t any lurking around in your system. If it identifies harmful intruders, it can take steps to clean them from your phone. Once you have a clean system, AVG continues to scan for viruses to keep your phone safe.

Keep Your Content Private

Nowadays, you probably store a lot of sensitive content on your smartphone. AVG, the strongest antivirus yet, goes far beyond the average antivirus by providing robust security features to keep your content hidden and safe. For your most private photos, this app has an encrypted vault. You can also lock sensitive apps. And if you want to avoid specific calls or messages, you can set up a filter to maintain your privacy.

Lost and Found

Losing a phone no longer has to be an expensive and time-consuming affair. With AVG, you can locate your lost or stolen phone using Google Maps™, and lock your screen remotely. The lock screen message can display information to help your phone’s locator find you. Not only is your content safe, but your phone has a better chance of making its way back to you.

Get it on Google Play

AVG, the strongest antivirus yet, can help protect your phone by keeping the bugs away. With a free download from the Google Play Store, there’s no reason not to give it a shot!