Twelve South’s BassJump 2 for MacBook Review


The BassJump 2 from Twelve South is one of the easiest and most portable solutions to improve the sound quality of your MacBook. No matter which MacBook model you own, it is sure to leave your jaw hanging after the first time listening to it.


Let’s kick this review off by talking a bit about the beautiful design of the BassJump 2. The enclosure is a unibody aluminum shell and makes the perfect match with your MacBook. Not only does this high-quality aluminum contribute to the elegant design, but it also makes it very durable. The top is made of metal mesh and under it sits the 77mm subwoofer.


The bottom is made of rubber to give it a good grip on whatever surface you place it on. I found the bottom to grip some surfaces better than others. With that in mind, I wish the rubber bottom were just a hair stickier to ensure it will get a solid grip on every surface you place it on.


By now, you may have noticed that there are no buttons on the BasssJump. All there is is this one small port in the back. This is the micro USB port that connects to your MacBook with the included cable. This means that it is powered by your MacBook which is awesome because you don’t have to lug around another brick to power it.


Now it’s time that we talk about how the BassJump 2 works and some unique features. When you first get the BassJump 2, you need to download the software from Twelve South’s website for it to function properly. The software not only makes the BassJump operate, but it also allows you to modify your listening experience to best suit your needs.


The BassJump 2 is not a speaker and was not intended to be a speaker. It’s a subwoofer, and it essentially tells your Mac that it no longer needs to produce low-frequency bass because it will handle it. By doing so, this enables your MacBook to focus on treble combining for a richer, crisper, and louder sound experience.


Whether you love watching videos, listening to music, or playing games on your MacBook, the BassJump 2 from Twelve South is the perfect accessory to step up your sound game. It’s loud, crisp, and is much easier to carry around than a pair of conventional speakers. Now of course, like any product, there are some downsides. The first is that this does not work very well with an external display as there is a slight audio lag and it’s a bit fidgety getting the audio to output correctly. This isn’t too big of a deal since the BassJump is meant to be used when you are out and about and only have your MacBook with you, not your external display. The other is that it’s a bit heavy. It’s not horrible, but you definitely feel it in your backpack when carrying it around. Other than these two minor drawbacks, I give the BassJump 2 a big thumbs up and highly recommend it to any MacBook user wanting more audio power and a richer overall experience.

Click here to purchase a BassJump 2 from TwelveSouth’s website for $49.99.


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  1. joesph says:

    Sounds like a good speaker. Thanks for the review. It is hard now to find someone who actually gives good detail in their reviews.


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