The Vertex Stretch Mid-layer from Helly Hansen Review


Whether you’re hiking, climbing, fishing, skiing or simply lounging around at camp, you can almost always find a good use for the Vertex Stretch mid-layer from Helly Hansen. It comes in Racer Blue, Navy, and Black. Today, I will be reviewing the Navy color.


The Vertex Stretch is a very basic yet very comfortable piece. There is only one pocket which is located on the front left. This pocket is the perfect size for putting a phone, wallet or a pack of tissues in. I really like how Helly Hansen designed the fabric to overextend and hide the zipper to this pocket.


Moving to the inside of this fleece, you get this unique honeycomb pattern. This pattern makes it more breathable, allows for better air circulation, and is very stretchy. One of the key features of this jacket is its moisture management which works extremely well. It’s great about keeping you at a comfortable temperature while allowing air to flow through.


For the zippers on this mid-layer, you get your standard YKK zippers. I really love how the main zipper extends from the waist to the top of the neck. If you’re running in this jacket and the cold wind is beating on your neck, you can simply zip it all the way up to keep your neck warm.

Update: There will be a hooded version of the Vertex Stretch Mid-layer coming next season

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s hard to find a better mid-layer than the Vertex Stretch within its price range. It’s breathable, warm, extremely stretchy and lightweight. When you are talking about mid-layers, you can break them down into three main categories. Those categories include lightweight, midweight and heavyweight. If you are one who prefers the heavyweight end of the scale, then this fleece probably isn’t for you. If you are one who prefers the lightweight to the midweight range, then I would highly recommend this. The only feature I wish this fleece had was a hood. Other than that, I love every part of this jacket. One thing I must mention is that it fits a little bigger than normal. So… If you normally wear a men’s medium for example, then you might want to try the men’s small as it may fit better. It’s all a matter of opinion on how tight you like it to fit. All in all, if you are looking for something lightweight, breathable, and packable, then I’m quite confident you will love the Vertex Stretch from Helly Hansen.

Click here to buy the Vertex Stretch Mid-layer from Helly Hansen’s website for $100.00






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