Just Mobile AluPen Digital Review


If you are a writer, artist or designer, then you might be interested in the AluPen Digital offered by Just Mobile. The idea of the AluPen Digital is to be able to write, draw, and/or design on your iPhone or iPad just as you would do with a pen on paper. If you have ever tried to draw something on your iPhone or iPad using your finger, then you probably already know how hard it is to draw a straight line. Even with a normal rubber tip stylus, it is hard to draw because the tip is just as big as your finger.

JPEG image-E028836DAFDF-1

This is where the AluPen Digital comes in. It is equipped with an ultra-fine 1.8mm tip. This is almost the same size as the tip of a ballpoint pen. Writing with the AluPen Digital feels very similar to the pen you use to sign for your credit card at the grocery store. It glides across your screen.


Not only does the AluPen work well, it is designed well. The upper half is made of aluminum, and the back is made of a strong plastic. It also has a nice weight to it which contributes to an even better experience The only complaint I have is the plastic clip. It may be helpful to some, but it doesn’t feel the most sturdy and could be liable to break at some point in time.


To make it work, all you have to do is install the included AAA battery into the back and tighten. On a single battery, you can expect to get around 20 hours of use which is a decent amount of time. No, this pen does not connect to your device over Wifi or Bluetooth. I honestly don’t know how it does it, it just magically works. One thing I must mention is that it is not compatible with the iPad Air 2.


To know if it’s on, you will see a green light like the one in the picture above. If the light is red, it is a warning that the battery is almost out. A super nice feature is that the pen will turn off after 3 minutes of not being used. This is great because I’m very guilty of leaving the pen turned on sitting on my desk and walking away.


In my opinion, this pen isn’t for everyone. It is for people who like to draw, design, or write by hand on their device. There would be no point to get this if you only plan on using it to click buttons since you could probably do that faster with your finger. My only complaint as I mentioned before is the plastic clip and its incompatibility with the iPad Air 2. Despite those small flaws, it works very well, it’s made of high-quality materials, and it has a super long battery life.

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