The North Face Men’s Owen Jacket Review


If you are deciding on your next winter/ski jacket to purchase, you will definitely want to add the Owen Jacket from The North Face to your list. This jacket is super comfortable, looks amazing, and won’t let you down no matter the conditions.


This Jacket is loaded with tons of  awesome features so sit back, relax, and enjoy the review! The picture above is one of the two handwarmer pockets on the front of the jacket. The zippers of these pockets have a YKK AquaGuard which helps ensure that no water will make its way in. The pull part of the zippers are nice and large which makes it easier to zip/unzip when wearing gloves.


Moving down on the left arm, you get your handy dandy goggle cleaning cloth. I love how you can easily detach this via the plastic clip in the event that you won’t be needing this. North Face did a great job concealing this pocket by adding a strip of fabric that sits over the zipper.


Just under the armpits, there is zipper which opens up to let you dump heat if you happen to get a little toasty in the jacket. These did seem to be in a bit of an awkward place to unzip in my opinion. I’m used to the pit zips being directly under the armpit.


Down at the waist, you get a snow skirt. For those of you who may not know what this does, this helps keep the snow from getting up into/under your jacket.


I have got to give North Face credits for the awesome design of the rubber grips on the inner-lining of the snow skirt. They work well and look absolutely stunning!


You can actually see that design from the rubber on the snow skirt shifts over to the velcro cuff straps. While I’m at the cuff, I mine as well mention the thumb hole on the internal Lycra comfort cuffs. These ar perfect for putting your thumb through and then throwing on a pair of gloves. It’s just an extra layer of protection.


On the inside of the jacket, there is only one pocket. This pocket is great for putting your device in because it keeps it dry, it’s reasonably easy to access, and there is a hole to thread your earphones through. However, it would be nice if there was another pocket on the inside for extra storage.


The last but certainly not least feature of the Owen is the detachable hood. There are double velcros on each side and a zipper to hold the hood on. The hood is helmet-compatible which you can adjust using the drawstring in the back.


It’s time we talk about what makes the Owen what it is. It is insulated with PrimaLoft Silver synthetic insulation. This makes it packable, water resistant, breathable, warm, and lightweight. Some people may prefer real insulation over synthetic, but I prefer synthetic because I don’t like having to worry about it getting wet. The outer material is made with North Face’s HyVent 2 layer technology. This makes it waterproof, breathable and allows for a full range of motion. The shoulders of the jacket are reinforced with a material to allow you to carry your skis. I love how much detail North Face put into this jacket.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a truly amazing jacket. I skied in this jacket in 15-degree conditions and had no problem staying warm. If you are someone who likes a jacket packed with features such as a detachable hood, then you’ll probably like the Owen. This jacket also did a fantastic job repelling the snow and keeping moisture out. As I mentioned earlier, I wish it had at least one more pocket inside for extra storage. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the placement of the pit zips, but they work which is all that really matters. The placement of the seams on this jacket are perfect and don’t limit your movement in any kind of way. In conclusion, if you need a new jacket for snow sports or simply need a jacket that will keep you warm while looking good, The North Face Owen Jacket is definitely one to consider.

Click here to purchase the Men’s Owen Jacket on North Face’s website for $380.00


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