TarDisk: Double your MacBook Storage Review


If you own a MacBook and need extra storage, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of hauling around an external hard drive wherever you go, then you might be interested in the TarDisk. Yup, your heard it, this little device can double your storage on your MacBook.


The Tardisk, also referred to as the TardDisk Pear, comes in a 128gb and 256gb version. There is no physical difference between the two, only the price. The TarDisk is not a hard drive, it’s flash storage. It’s so fast, you can’t even tell the difference between it and your existing hard drive. It’s seamless. One feature I love about the TarDisk is how the aluminum on it matches the MacBook and sits flush against the edge. When it’s inserted into the SD slot, it almost looks as if it came with the MacBook straight from Apple.


Before you can insert the TarDisk into your MacBook, you must prepare it using the instructions TarDisk provides. The instructions aren’t complicated, you just have to be careful so you don’t loose any data in the process.


After the preparation is finished, you can insert the TarDisk Pear into the SD slot on the side of your MacBook.


After it is inserted, you can then follow the quick on-screen instructions to complete your setup. I have to say, it felt super rewarding to see my MacBook storage doubled. In total, it took me around 15 minutes to prepare and install my TarDisk


You may still be asking yourself how TarDisk Pear works. It basically makes your MacBook think that there is one drive when there are really two. The TarDisk Pear pairs/combines with you existing Macintosh HD to make a single unified drive. What’s great about the TarDisk is that you put it in one time and never have to worry about it again, it just works. The only drawback to the TarDisk is that it’s basically a permanent upgrade. Basically, because there may be a rare instance where you will need to remove your TarDisk. To do so, there is a process where you have to Un-Pear it before you can pull it out. If you were ever to pull it out before Un-Pearing it, it is possible that it could cause a data loss. Thankfully, the TarDisk has a small lip on the edge which makes it extremely unlikely to get pulled out by accident. In fact, I can’t even get it out myself unless I use the included guitar pick.


All in all, I don’t see a reason not to get the TarDisk. It’s fast, it always works, and it goes wherever you go. The only drawbacks I can think of for the TarDisk are that it’s a permanent upgrade, it takes up your SD slot, and it isn’t the cheapest storage device out there. Other than that, the TarDisk is the perfect solution for expanding your MacBook storage. Honestly, who in the right mind would prefer to haul around a bulky, slow, and heavy hard drive when you have TarDisk? With everything said and done, I would highly recommend you go and check out TarDisk if you are in need more storage or will need more for the future.

Click here to purchase a TarDisk on TarDisk’s website






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