HoverDock by Just Mobile Review


“The minimalist charging dock for iPhone”


As it says on the packaging, the HoverDock definitely lives up to its description. You are first introduced with a nice little package that shows an image of what the dock looks like and certain specs like how it is made of a sturdy aluminum, it has cable storage, and is case friendly. The package comes with instructions, an “elevator clip”, as they call it, and the dock itself.


The first thing I noticed about the dock is that it is very sturdy and almost looks like a UFO. It has a nice black middle part which is surrounded by a sleek perimeter of aluminum. The bottom also has a nice rubber grip which essentially forbids any sliding at all.


Perhaps the coolest feature, however, is the detachable bottom part of the dock. I didn’t quite understand this at first, but after toying around with it and referring to the directions in the case, I recognized that it is actually a cable storage. It basically wraps around a circular piece inside of the dock while also being in a little hole in the bottom of it. So, this means that you can wrap and unwrap the cord inside of the dock, making it, for the most part, whatever length you want. Not only is this a clever little feature, but it also helps with portability and ease of use.


The last thing that I haven’t truly touched on is the “elevator clip”. The elevator clip is a little black piece that you can add onto your charging cord to give it a little extra height in the dock (4mm). What this does, is it allows the dock to work with almost all cases. This is great… except for the fact that it doesn’t work for my case. I have the Nüüd Lifeproof Case for 5s, and, unfortunately, the dock is not compatible with it. I have tried everything the package gave me, and, no matter what I did, I couldn’t solve the problem. Also, given that my phone lives in my case – I literally never take it out, the dock is more or less useless to me. Of course, I am probably part of a relatively small minority in this situation, but still, I think a larger “elevator clip” or something would be very beneficial.


Final Thoughts

I honestly would not hesitate to buy this if you are looking for a nice dock at a good price. The tough aluminum and cable storage are great features. The “elevator clip” is also a very nice feature, unless you have a Lifeproof case. You definitely could take off your case whenever you are using the dock, but for me personally, that is too much work. All in all, though, good job Just Mobile.

Click here if you would like to purchase the HoverDock from Amazon for $34.95


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