Native Union DOCK for iPhone Review


Looking for a solid, high-quality, heavy, and well-designed dock for your iPhone? If so, the Native Union DOCK is the one for you. This dock works with all iPhones that contain the Lighting port. This dock can also work with iPhones that have a case. I’ll show you how in just a minute!


Before I get started with the actual review, I got to give Native Union credit for the packaging. The packaging is extremely nice and makes you feel as if you’re unboxing an Apple product. Awesome job Native Union!


Now to the actual dock! When I fist took it out of the packaging, I noticed the weight. This dock is HEAVY! It’s heavy because of what’s under the gray silicon. Under it is solid aluminum. The weight makes this dock is extremely stable, high-quality, and you can almost dock/undock your phone single handed.

The dock doesn’t come with a lightning cable already inserted in it, so there is a small setup you have to do. Native Union claims that it can be done in 15 seconds, but I wasn’t that fast. It took me around a minute, but either way, it’s a fast and simple setup. As you may have already noticed, the cable I am using is not Apple’s lightning cable, it’s Native Union’s BELT Cable. It is a four foot braided cable that comes with an awesome genuine leather tie.


The very fist step is to slide the small plastic clip from above onto the Lightning or BELT cable. There is actually four of these little clips included. One is for the Lightning without a case, one for Lightning with case, one for BELT without case, and one for BELT with case. Please note that if you chose to use this dock with a phone that has a case, make sure the case is no thicker than 3.5 mm or it won’t work.


Once you have chosen the right clip and placed it around  your cable, it’s time to insert it in the dock. It simply slides in from the top until it stops which is when it sits flush.


Here is what it looks like from the bottom.


The last step is to place the round plastic cap on the bottom to secure the cable. That’s all there is to it!

Final Thoughts

This dock is probably my favorite dock I have reviewed to date. Everytime I hold it or place my phone on it to charge, I can just tell how much thought and effort went into designing it. The materials used for it are very  high-quality which help make it extra stable and sturdy. My only complaint is that the silicon on the base attracts lint and particles in the air which you may have noticed in the pictures. It doesn’t effect the dock in any way, it just bugs me. Other than that, you really can’t go wrong with this dock. It comes in two other eye-catching colors which look just as good.

Click here to purchase the DOCK on Native Union’s website for $49.00








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