Elago D-Stand Charging Dock Review


I have to give Elago credit for the design of their D-Stand Charging Dock. If you know Elago, then you should know that they are all about good design. Their philosophy can clearly be seen throughout all of their products.

IMG_2620 2

The dock consists of three pieces. The top rubber, the middle aluminum ring, and the bottom which is also rubber. Putting it together is as easy as putting together a hamburger.

IMG_2635 2

You will have to insert your Apple Lightning cable through the hole in the center of the top rubber. This is a very snug fit so it requires a bit of force. It has to be snug because it will hold your cable in place while docking and undocking your device.

IMG_2628 2

After feeding it through the top, all you have to do is feed it through the bottom and you’re done!

IMG_2632 2

A cool feature of this stand is being able to coil your cable within the aluminum ring. This is great if you don’t need the full length of your Lightning cable and want to hide the extra. The bottom of the D-Stand is rubber which helps it get a good grip on any surface you place it on. Although this may not matter to you, I noticed that the rubber had a very funny smell at first. After a few weeks of it being out in the open, the smell has gone away.

IMG_2623 2

You can adjust how far the cable pokes through the top depending on the case you have on your phone. When ready to dock your phone, make sure the bottom side of your phone sits flush on the rubber. The one thing that needs to be improved is the docking design. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great, but the phone is very unstable since there is no back to support it. Personally, I’m more for function over design which is why I wish it had a back. It may kill the overall design, but it would work much better in terms of stabilization.


All in all, this dock is true eye candy. It looks great, it’s made of high-quality materials, and it does the job. It does the job, but it could definitely do it better if it had some way to support the phone so it isn’t so unstable. You can’t use your phone on this dock, it’s purely for charging it. If you could care less for function and more about the design, you definitely should go and check out this dock!

Click here to purchase the D-Stand on Amazon for $19.99




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