Blitzwolf Virtual Reality Glasses Review


If you’re looking for a simple and cheap solution to get into the virtual reality world, the Blitzwolf VR Glasses just might be the way to go. If you’re unclear what virtual reality is, I would recommend reading this quick definition here.


The very fist thing I’d like to point out about these glasses is that they do not have a display built in. In order to make these glasses operate, you must own a smartphone that has a diagonal screen size between 3.5-6 inches. If your phone is bigger or smaller than those dimensions, these will not work for you.


To get the glasses up and running, you must download a VR app on your phone. Here is a great list of VR apps for iOS and Android. After you have opened your app of choice, you insert your phone into the front portion of the glasses. As you can see from the picture above, the front is attached by a magnetic hinge. There is a plastic tray in which you clamp your phone into. As I said earlier, your phone can’t be too big or too small, or it won’t fit in the clamp. The clamp is something I think should be improved on. The plastic isn’t very high-quality, and there isn’t enough foam padding for my liking.


Now that your phone is enclosed within the VR glasses, it’s time to adjust them to your personal preference. I love how these glasses are adjustable because they can be worn by almost any person. Above is a picture of the object distance adjusting knob. This allows you to make your phone closer or further away from you face.


The next adjustment knob is the pupil distance. This can adjust the space between the lens in which you look through.


The last adjustment is the head strap. Whether you have a big head or small head, this strap can make the headset fit just right. Please note that the leather on this band is artificial.


All in all, these are a great pair of VR glasses if you’re looking to get into the VR world. Although you can’t interact with anything through these, they give you a great taste of what virtual reality feels like. I’ll admit that they aren’t made of the highest-quality material, but they definitely do the job. As with all VR glasses, they might cause you to get a little dizzy after using them for an extended period of time. One last thing I think needs to be improved is the foam padding between the glasses and your face. The padding can get a little uncomfortable after using them for a long period of time. As I’ve said multiple times already, if you want to experience VR without blowing a hole in your pocket, the Blitzwolf VR Glasses are the way to go.

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