Nova External Battery by Juno Power Review

The Nova External Battery from Juno Power is another great option in terms of portable power. This battery has a large capacity of 10,000 mAh.


The first thing I love about this battery is its enclosure. It’s made of aluminum which makes it extra durable and much less to worry about in the event of it being dropped or tossed around in a backpack.


The only button on it is the one in the center. When you click it, the blue lights indicate how much charge the Nova has left.


On the front side, you get 2 USB ports for charging your devices and a Micro-USB port for charging the Nova itself. I love that there are two ports to charge two devices simultaneously, but I would personally prefer there be one high-powered port (2.4A) instead of the two. If it were one high-powered port, it would be able to charge your device even faster.


Speaking of charging, I really appreciate Juno Power including a Micro-USB to charge it. One note about the cable is that it isn’t very long and you might need to buy a longer one if needed.


All in all, this battery does exactly as advertised. Everything about it is just about perfect! The only minor flaw I could find in the Nova is the overall design. It’s got a slightly rounded shape. Why is this a flaw? In my opinion, it’s a flaw because it doesn’t always sit steadily on a desk or hard surface because it rocks back and forth. To be honest with ourselves, you’re more likely to be charging it from a bag or packet since this is more of a travel item.

Click here to purchase the Nova External Battery on Amazon for $39.99



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