Macessity LapTuk Stand Review



Have you every wanted to free up desk space or raise your monitor? If so, the LapTuk Stand by Macessity just might be the way to go.


The LapTuk Stand is made of aluminum that has a sleek finish. This sturdy stand can hold any monitor as long as it ways less than 35 pounds. My monitor weighs around 24 pounds, but I noticed that there is a very slight bend in the middle. It’s so tiny that you can’t even see it from the pictures. With that being said, I recommend you check the weight of your monitor before purchasing this just to be safe.


The main point of the LapTuk is to free up desk space. Laptops are big and can take up a good amount of your desk space when plugged into an external monitor. With the LapTuk, all you have to do is slide in your MacBook, plug it in, and BOOM. It’s as simple as that to allow yourself more space to work.


Speaking of plugging in your computer, this stand comes with open sides which allow you to plug-in cables in every port. Also, there are little slots in the back which allow you to run your cables through for better cable management. One disadvantage to this stand is not being able to slide out your MacBook unless all of the cables are unplugged.


One last feature of the LapTuk is the rubber grip pads on the bottom. I’m happy they’re there, but they don’t seem to work too well for me. The stand is a little too easy to slide around for my preference. I do appreciate that they keep my desk from being scratched.


The LapTuk Stand does exactly what’s intended perfectly. Despite the rubber pad issue, I think this stand is still very useful and looks really sleek. The stand comes in 15-inch and 17-inch variation to support all of the MacBook’s. Even if you don’t own a MacBook, it still makes for a great monitor stand.

Click here to purchase the LapTuk Stand on Amazon for $59.99





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