Koomus Pro CD Slot Phone Mount Review


Lets be honest, not very many people use the CD slot in their cars anymore. These days, we have the radio, Bluetooth, and aux plugs to listen to our favorite songs. This is where Koomus comes in. Koomus is a company who makes many different mounts for smartphones and tablets. They have an awesome little mount called the Pro CD Slot Car Mount. This mount allows you to mount your phone or small tablet in the CD slot of your car.


The first thing I noticed when I took the mount out of the packaging was its weight. It’s super lightweight. The body is plastic, the grips are rubber, and the extendable clamp is made of metal.Koomus_Pro_Air_Vent_new_page_design_extendable_clamp_583x500pxThe metal clamp is what grips your phone and holds it securely in place. I was actually a bit surprised with how good of quality the clamp is. It can accommodate any phone or tablet as long as it is within 3.4 inches wide. I clamped in my iPhone 6s Plus with a case, and it had no problem holding it up.


To insert the mount, you must push the top button, and insert it into the CD slot of your car. The mount itself has rubber on both sides which are how it secures itself in the CD slot. Surprisingly, it gets a very sturdy grip. I tested this mount on 3 different cars, and it fit in every one. There was one car that it had a very tight fit and required a little extra force to fully insert.


An awesome feature of this mount is it’s 360-degree rotating capabilities. You can rotate your phone at any angle that’s comfortable for you or your passenger. One thing I wish this mount had was a higher quality ball. The ball is the part that the mount rotates around. The plastic ball works fine, but I think the rotation could be even smoother if a higher quality material was used such as metal.

Below is a picture of the ball it rotates around:IMG_2204

Final Thoughts

I think the Koomus Pro CD Slot is a great car accessory to have. It’s super convenient considering not too many people use their CD slots anymore. And if you happened to need access to your CD slot, the big button on the top makes it easy to remove. Overall, the construction of this mount gets an 8/10. The plastic body is sturdy and does what was intended, but I would have loved to see more metal on a device like this. Honestly, for $25.00, it’s not going to get much better than this. In conclusion, If you need a sturdy mount that will hold your device at a comfortable angle and won’t fall down, I recommend you check out this mount.

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