WeMo Switch by Belkin Review


WeMo is the name of Belkin’s own line of smart home gadgets. Today, I will be reviewing the WeMo Switch that goes for $39.99 on Amazon.


The WeMo Switch is a very easy to use device that can come handy in many different scenarios. You can use the Switch to power just about anything that can be plugged into a standard outlet. I have 2 lamps hooked up to my Switch that is set to turn on and wake me up every morning at a certain time. The possibilities with the WeMo switch are endless. To turn it on, you can manually click the button, but the best way is through your phone. You can even turn it on from the other side of the world, no joke!


To get the Switch up and running, you need to download the WeMo app which is available for iOS and Android. The app will give you a simple set of instructions on setting it up. It’s  shouldn’t take any more than 5 minutes to finish. My tip for you is to make sure that the WeMo is connected to the same wifi network that your phone is connected to.


A super awesome feature of the app is rules. You can set specific rules for the Switch. With rules, you can make the switch turn on and off at specific times on specific days. You can even have it turn on at sunrise each day. You can also manually/virtually click the button inside the app to turn the switch on or off.


The last feature is IFTTT integration. IFTTT works with many companies and products such as WeMo to set more advanced rules and recipes. I use IFTTT to send my phone  a text message each time the switch is turned on and off.


Overall, the WeMo Switch is a very reliable product that can be used in an infinite amount of situations. Please note that it is not made of the high-quality plastic but is still durable. This doesn’t effect me because mine is hidden behind a nightstand. The only problem I have found is that the outlet on it is a very tight fit. You can look at this in a good and bad way. It is good because whatever you plug in it will never get pulled out of the outlet accidentally. This is bad if you need to move the WeMo Switch around and plug devices in and out on a daily basis. To be honest, the tight outlet doesn’t affect me because I don’t even have a reason to unplug my lamps from it. I am sure over time it would get looser the more things you plug and unplug from it. So If you are looking for a place to start in the smart home world, this is great way to start. If you own other WeMo products, you can also control them inside the same WeMo app.

Click here to purchase the WeMo Switch for $39.99 on Amazon












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