Poetic AFFINITY iPhone 6/6s Case Review


The Poetic AFFINITY comes in two color combinations. There is the black and clear version which is the one I purchased, but also a frosted and clear version. Poetic makes the affinity case for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/s Plus for $14.95 on Amazon.


When I first took this out of the plastic packaging, I noticed how thin it was. The hard clear plastic on the back is very tough and hard to bend.  The case becomes much more rugged once you put it on your phone.



The sides of the case have a molded plastic pattern that is a very good for gripping the phone so it doesn’t slip out of your hand/hands. The case also features a lip on the bezel which keeps your phone screen off of the surface that it’s placed on. On the back, there is a cut out for the camera which also keeps the camera off of any surface. The last feature I love about this case is the shockproof TPU on the corners. The shockproof TPU helps a TON when it comes to dropping your iPhone.


Don’t let the thinness of this case fool you, it is very protective. I use this case on my iPhone 6s Plus every day and it’s perfect. It looks good, it’s very protective, and it is extremely easy to get it in and out of your pocket.

You can pick yours up on Amazon for $14.95


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  1. Blake Dieterlen says:

    Such a poetic review!

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